We’re Back!

In-Person and Remote Classes Started August 23.

While we are continuing to offer remote student services as well, starting August 2, most of our offices are now open in-person, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday. Student services are operating remotely on Fridays, for the time being. Visit department web pages for contact information and hours of operation.

Here’s what you need to know.

Vaccine Mandate!

At their September 8, 2021, meeting, the Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) Governing Board passed a resolution establishing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all employees and all students who attend at least one in-person class, utilize in-person student services, or visit a 4CD facility or campus. For more information about this important safety measure, click here.

September 14th Health Order

On September 14, 2021, Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) announced a new countywide health order requiring patrons and workers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test in restaurants, gyms, and other indoor businesses where there’s elevated risk of spreading COVID-19.This requirement went into effect for patrons on September 22, and all workers in these establishments must comply by November 1.  The health order applies to our college food services areas, as well as any indoor gym activities or classes that typically involve elevated breathing. To review the Contra Costa Health Order, visit:

Please see below for additional information pertaining to how this order will impact college activities:

  • Restaurants/Food Services – The requirement applies to patrons only when they are consuming food indoors. Unvaccinated individuals who have not been tested within the last 72 hours may purchase food from indoor facilities and consume it outdoors. Colleges will place signs outside of food services venues to inform patrons of this requirement.
  • Indoor exercise – classes and gym activities – Students and faculty must be fully vaccinated or have received a negative test within the last 72 hours. Outdoor courses are not subject to the order.
  • Athletic Events – The order does not apply to spectators, only athletes.

This latest county health order aligns with the 4CD Governing Board’s recent decision to implement a districtwide vaccine requirement. Visit to obtain your personalized QR code to verify your vaccination status.

The Campus is Open for In-Person Services

You Can Still Add Classes

You can still add classes in person on campus through September 2nd, and online until September 6th.
Three-, six- and nine-week fast track classes that start later in the semester are also open for registration.

Take a look at the class schedule!

Your Safety Is Important to Us

To help keep you safe, we are committed to the following safety protocols:

  • A clean campus and disinfected learning spaces
  • Access to hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes in every classroom
  • Clear, proactive communication about how to keep yourself safe

Adhere to All Safety Procedures If You Come to Campus

Students who come to campus are required to follow the safety protocols in the Student Safety Checklist, including the wearing of masks in indoor areas.

Last Day to Choose Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grading Option for Full-Term Courses

The Contra Costa Community College District faculty and staff are committed to supporting you in achieving your educational goals. Due to the uncertain times we are experiencing with the global pandemic (COVID-19), the deadline to select the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option for student choice (SC) courses has been extended. The deadline to submit your request is Friday, December 3, 2021 for full-term courses.  For short-term courses, the deadline is seven calendar days prior to the last day of the course.  

Students who plan to transfer or attend graduate school are strongly advised to speak with a counselor prior to choosing P/NP, as this decision may impact admittance into transfer institutions and graduate schools, as well as affect how your GPA is calculated by those institutions. 

To request P/NP, please visit the webpage of your college Admissions and Records P / NP办公室形式.