Undocumented Students Resources

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Contra Costa College welcomes and provides a safe place for all community members and together we help provide undocumented students with resources and answer your questions so you can succeed at 500购彩平台.

If you are an undocumented student unsure where to start, please email our Undocumented Student Program Coordinator, Stephanie Figueroa, at or make an appointment. They will connect you with our college’s Dreamers Alliance – a network of staff, faculty, and managers committed to working with undocumented students. 

Campus Resources for Undocumented Students

For undocumented students requiring additional guidance and assistance using our campus resources, contact our Undocumented Student Program Coordinator, Stephanie Figueroa, at or make an appointment

Community Resources for Undocumented Students

Review Community Resources in the Bay Area and West County for undocumented student resources here.

Legal Resources for Undocumented Students

California Community College Students have access to free immigration legal services. If you need to schedule an appointment for free legal services, don’t hesitate to contact one of the following advocate groups.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Upcoming Events and Media

Previous Events and Media

  • Coming soon in 2022 – District-wide Dreamers Conference hosted by Los Medanos College